Hello and welcome! Please feel free to answer the next 10 questions regarding your eligibility for EU citizenship by decent.  This should take no more than 5 minutes. Leave your contact details and we will follow up with you.
Which ancestor left Poland. For example, my mother or grandfather. List all that apply.

Which year did your ancestors left Poland?

Where did your ancestors go after leaving Poland? (Which country or countries (if they were staying in several countries before getting to their final destination).

When and where were your Polish ancestors born?

When and where did your ancestors marry? Which one was a Polish citizen?

Did any of your Polish ancentors serve in the army before January 19th 1951? If yes what is the ancentor's name and when did he serve?

Has any one of your Polish ancestors acquired any non-Polish citizenship? If yes who was it and when did it happen?

Did any ancestor officially renounced Polish citizenship?

What kind of documents do you have from your Polish ancestors? (example: birth certificate, marriage, ID Card, military etc..)

Please provide your email or phone number so we can contact you with your eligibility results.

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